List of observed minimas

This list is NOT A PUBLICATION of observed minimas. It only shows activity of cooperating observers of eclipsing binaries.

B.R.N.O. times of minima are periodicaly published in Open Europen Journal on Variable stars and then data are displayed in O-C gateway.

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8532RMartin Lehky2014-11-252014-11-25
8531RMartin Lehky2014-11-252014-11-25
8530RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-232014-11-25
8529RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-232014-11-25
8528RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-242014-11-25
8527RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-232014-11-25
8526ClearLadislav 確elcer2014-11-232014-11-25
8525ILadislav 確elcer2014-11-232014-11-25
8524RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-232014-11-25
8523ClearLadislav 確elcer2014-11-232014-11-25
8522ILadislav 確elcer2014-11-232014-11-25
8521RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-232014-11-25
8520ClearTom癩 Medulka2014-11-152014-11-16
8519ClearRodolfo Artola, Luis Balanzino2014-11-142014-11-15
8518ClearFerraro Mara Eugenia, Guzzo Pablo2014-11-132014-11-14
8517ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-11-042014-11-11
8516ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-252014-11-11
8515ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-252014-11-11
8514ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-242014-11-11
8513ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-232014-11-11
8512ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-172014-11-11
8511ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-152014-11-11
8510ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-142014-11-11
8509ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-122014-11-11
8508ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-122014-11-11
8507ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-102014-11-11
8506ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-10-072014-11-11
8505ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-09-232014-11-11
8504ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-09-202014-11-11
8503ClearLuis F. Tapia Portillo2014-09-112014-11-11
8502ClearMartin Lehky2014-11-042014-11-09
8501RM. Ma啼k, K. Hokov, J. Jury啼k2014-11-072014-11-08
8500ClearRodolfo Artola2014-11-072014-11-08
8499ClearRodolfo Artola, Guillermo Ferrero2014-11-072014-11-08
8498ClearTom癩 Medulka2014-11-052014-11-05
8497RDalibor Han柩2014-11-052014-11-05
8496RDalibor Han柩2014-11-042014-11-05
8495ClearTom癩 Medulka2014-11-042014-11-05
8494ClearLadislav 確elcer2014-11-032014-11-05
8493ILadislav 確elcer2014-11-032014-11-05
8492ClearMara Eugenia Ferraro2014-11-042014-11-05
8491RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-032014-11-05
8490ClearLadislav 確elcer2014-11-022014-11-05
8489ILadislav 確elcer2014-11-022014-11-05
8488RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-022014-11-05
8487ILadislav 確elcer2014-11-022014-11-04
8486RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-022014-11-04
8485RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-022014-11-04
8484RLadislav 確elcer2014-11-022014-11-04
8483ClearRodolfo Artola2014-11-032014-11-04
8482RDalibor Han柩2014-10-292014-11-03
8481RDalibor Han柩2014-10-282014-11-03
8480RLadislav 確elcer2014-10-302014-11-02
8479ClearLadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8478ILadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8477RLadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8476ClearLadislav 確elcer2014-10-302014-11-02
8475ILadislav 確elcer2014-10-302014-11-02
8474RLadislav 確elcer2014-10-302014-11-02
8473ClearLadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8472ILadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8471RLadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8470ClearLadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8469ILadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8468RLadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8467ILadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8466RLadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8465ILadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8464RLadislav 確elcer2014-10-292014-11-02
8463IM. Ma啼k, K. Hokov, J. Jury啼k2014-10-312014-11-02
8462RM. Ma啼k, K. Hokov, J. Jury啼k2014-10-312014-11-02
8461VM. Ma啼k, K. Hokov, J. Jury啼k2014-10-312014-11-02
8460BM. Ma啼k, K. Hokov, J. Jury啼k2014-10-312014-11-02
8459RMartin Lehky2014-10-282014-11-01
8458RMartin Lehky2014-10-272014-11-01
8457RMartin Lehky2014-10-272014-11-01
8456IMartin Lehky2014-10-272014-11-01
8455RMartin Lehky2014-10-272014-11-01
8454VMartin Lehky2014-10-272014-11-01
8453BMartin Lehky2014-10-272014-11-01
8452IMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8451RMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8450VMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8449IMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8448RMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8447VMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8446RMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8445RMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8444RMartin Lehky2014-10-182014-11-01
8443IMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8442RMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8441VMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8440BMartin Lehky2014-10-192014-11-01
8439IMartin Lehky2014-10-182014-11-01
8438RMartin Lehky2014-10-182014-11-01
8437VMartin Lehky2014-10-182014-11-01
8436ClearMaurice Audejean2014-10-312014-11-01
8435ClearFranti啼k Blek2014-09-192014-10-31
8434ClearFranti啼k Blek2014-09-172014-10-31
8433ClearFranti啼k Blek2014-09-192014-10-31

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