Observing Campaings and Requests for Observations

This page contains list of campaings on specified targets or requests for observations by researchers. Observers are encouraged to join to ongoing campaigns, they are usually announced for a short period of time and the data will be used in publication.

Campaigns are marked by observing project, to which they bellong.
B.R.N.O. - eclipsing binaries, MEDUZA - intrinsic variables, TRESCA - transiting exoplanets and HERO - high energy objects (x-ray sources).

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VALIDITY: 2. 4. 2012 - 22. 4. 2012
AUTHOR: EAN, Rodolfo Calanca, 12. 3. 2012
EAN - European Astrosky Network (Italy) organizes collective observations of the exoplanet HAT-P-36b

Aim of the proposed event (international in character as well as in scope) is to show, the transit of an extrasolar planet through the telescopes of several astronomical observatories throughout Europe, involving general public as well as school classes in the happening. In order to achieve this result, co-operation of as many observatories across the continent as possible is required.

The observation of the exoplanet HAT-P-36b transits on next April days: 02-22, has a scientific as well as cultural relevance.

Collecting several simultaneous light curves opens indeed the possibility to globally analyze them in order to get a final, high-accuracy transit light curve. It is important to remark that because of their time-dependence, these phenomena are best studied with this kind of observations, rather than co adding light curves referring to different transits and therefore acquired over a large period.

The HAT-P-36 b transti predictions are available on the ETD website

UPDATE 24th March:
A note by Giuseppe Marino:
note I discovered that the star TYC 3020-2195-1, usually adopted as reference for HAT-P-36, is a variable with amplitude 0.015 mag. and a period of 1h (probably a delta Scuti): http://www.aavso.org/vsx/index.php?view=detail.top&oid=278390

Most of the light curves of the transit of HAT-P-36b present in ETD were obtained using that star. Actually, you can note the poor quality of the light curves in those cases.

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