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24. 4. 2017:
Alert on observing campaign focused on star KIC 2835289 (V = 13 mag). In term from 2nd to 3rd June 2017 the tertial eclipses of the unique triple system should occur. These eclipses are known only thanks to the Kepler satellite and they occur very rarely, one times per 750 days! Help us to confirm them by ground-based observations. For sure, measurements should be done also one day before and after the term. More about the campaign find HERE.

20. 4. 2017:
Proceedings of the 48th Conference on Variable Stars Research held at Štefánik Observatory in Prague in 11th–13th November 2016 was published. We thank all the authors for their contributions! Our thanks belong also editor-in-chief Radek Kocián for his effort. The Proceedings was released in on-line journal OEJV and you can find it HERE.

3. 4. 2017:
The 40th publication of minima timings of eclipsing binaries from B.R.N.O. project has been already published! Our thanks belong to all observers (unbelievable 83 observers were involved here)! Publication contains record number of minima timings (3394) for 1096 objects.

We thank all the enthusiastic variable star observers for their contribution to B.R.N.O database. Now let’s wait and watch how the data are used by professional astrophysicists :-)

The research was published in on-line OEJV journal and you can find it HERE.

23. 11. 2016:
New observing campaign for TRESCA observers! Long-term photometric monitoring of β Pictoris b. More information in campaign site.
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