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16. 5. 2017:
Bright supernova in the galaxy NGC 6946

Supernova was discovered by amateur astronomer Patrick Wiggins from Utah on May 14th, when he compared his actual image of ’Fireworks Galaxy’ NGC 6946 with his archive images. The images were obtained by 0.35-m f/5.5 reflector equipped by CCD camera. He estimated its magnitude as 12.8. This supernova was named as 2017eaw and its accurate position is RA: 20h 34m 44.24s, DE +60° 11' 35.9". You can find it in Cygnus.

More about the discovery HERE.

24. 4. 2017:
Alert on observing campaign focused on star KIC 2835289 (V = 13 mag). In term from 2nd to 3rd June 2017 the eclipses with third component of the unique triple system should occur. These eclipses are known thanks to the Kepler satellite and they occur very rarely, once per 750 days! Help us to confirm them by ground-based observations. We recommend to perform measurements also in the previous and following day. More about the campaign you can find HERE.

23. 11. 2016:
New observing campaign for TRESCA observers! Long-term photometric monitoring of β Pictoris b. More information in campaign site.
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