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Exoplanet: GJ3470 b
Post address:
Geographic location: east longitude: 289° | north latitude: 42°
Photometric filter: Clear
Notes / conditions:
THIS TRANSIT MID TIME OCCURRED 143 MINUTES EARLY with longer than expected duration and greater depth compared to expected /reference paper. Unfortunately clouds ruined recording predicted transit time. Is this GJ3470b or another planet??? BBC filter, 11 star ensemble, clear sky. Alternative 2 star ensemble shows same result. Computer time accuracy synched by Dimension-4 every 15 sec. Maybe a false transit LC but I have successfully recorded 85+ LCs so far and never had this happen.
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Mid transit JDmid:
Mid transit HJDmid: (helcor = 0.00535)
Mid transit - UTC:
Transit duration: minut
Transit depth: mag
Submitted data: geocentric based on UTC
Identification chart:
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Rp: 0.38 +/- 0.05 RJup 0.504 -0.014+0.014 RJup
R*: 0.568 +/- 0.063 RSun fixed, errors included in i
A: 0.0348 +/- 0.0014 AU fixed, errors included in i
Per: 3.33665 days fixed
i : 88.3 +/- 0.5 ° 88.21 -0.21|1.55+0.24|1.79 °



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  1. Paul Benni, 3. 1. 2014 (www)
    Update: Based on recent Spitzer Observations (Demory et al 2013; arXiv:1301.6555v2) their updated Transit Ephemeris calculation fits this GJ3470b transit LC. -Paul Benni


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