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Exoplanet: HAT-P-36 b
Post address:
Geographic location: east longitude: 42° | north latitude:
Photometric filter: Clear
Notes / conditions:
Clear with blue blocking (Cbb filter) Binning 2x2 Focused Had to lower exposure time from 120 sec to 60 sec towards the end of ingress as total count value approached the end of lineality on my KAF-9000 chip.
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Mid transit JDmid:
Mid transit HJDmid: (helcor = 0.00138)
Mid transit - UTC:
Transit duration: minut
Transit depth: mag
Submitted data: heliocentric based on UTC
Identification chart:
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Rp: 1.264 +/- 0.071 RJup 1.692 -0.091+0.086 RJup
R*: 1.096 +/- 0.056 RSun fixed, errors included in i
A: 0.0238 +/- 0.0004 AU fixed, errors included in i
Per: 1.327347 days fixed
i : 86 +/- 1.3 ° 83.89 -0.71|2.43+0.83|4.00 °



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object HAT-P-36 b

  1. Giuseppe Marino, 23. 3. 2012
    I discovered that the star TYC 3020-2195-1, usually adopted as reference for HAT-P-36, is a variable with amplitude 0.015 magn. and a period of 1h (probably a delta Scuti): www of the light curves of the transit of HAT-P-36b present in ETD were obtained using that star. Giuseppe Marino.


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  1. Petri Kehusmaa, 5. 1. 2013 (www)
    This observation is in error and can be removed. Correct data is re-imported. Petri Kehusmaa


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