Known transiters:

CoRoT-1 b

CoRoT-10 b

CoRoT-11 b

CoRoT-12 b

CoRoT-13 b

CoRoT-17 b

CoRoT-18 b

CoRoT-19 b

CoRoT-2 b

CoRoT-20 b

CoRoT-3 b

CoRoT-4 b

CoRoT-5 b

CoRoT-6 b

CoRoT-8 b

CoRoT-9 b

GJ1214 b

GJ3470 b

GJ436 b

HAT-P-1 b

HAT-P-10/WASP-11 b

HAT-P-11 b

HAT-P-12 b

HAT-P-13 b

HAT-P-14 b

HAT-P-15 b

HAT-P-16 b

HAT-P-17 b

HAT-P-18 b

HAT-P-19 b

HAT-P-2 b

HAT-P-20 b

HAT-P-21 b

HAT-P-22 b

HAT-P-23 b

HAT-P-24 b

HAT-P-25 b

HAT-P-26 b

HAT-P-27/WASP-40 b

HAT-P-28 b

HAT-P-29 b

HAT-P-3 b

HAT-P-30/WASP-51 b

HAT-P-31 b

HAT-P-32 b

HAT-P-33 b

HAT-P-34 b

HAT-P-35 b

HAT-P-36 b

HAT-P-37 b

HAT-P-38 b

HAT-P-39 b

HAT-P-4 b

HAT-P-40 b

HAT-P-41 b

HAT-P-42 b

HAT-P-43 b

HAT-P-44 b

HAT-P-45 b

HAT-P-46 b

HAT-P-49 b

HAT-P-5 b

HAT-P-54 b

HAT-P-6 b

HAT-P-7 b

HAT-P-8 b

HAT-P-9 b

HATS-1 b

HATS-5 b

HATS-6 b

HD149026 b

HD17156 b

HD189733 b

HD209458 b

HD80606 b

HD97658 b

Kelt-1 b

Kelt-2 b

Kelt-3 b

Kepler-10 c

Kepler-11 c

Kepler-11 d

Kepler-11 e

Kepler-11 f

Kepler-11 g

Kepler-12 b

Kepler-14 b

Kepler-15 b

Kepler-16A b

Kepler-16B b

Kepler-17 b

Kepler-18 d

Kepler-18 c

Kepler-19 b

Kepler-20 d

Kepler-20 c

Kepler-22 b

Kepler-4 b

Kepler-5 b

Kepler-6 b

Kepler-7 b

Kepler-8 b

Kepler-9 b

Kepler-9 c

KOI 0135 b

KOI 0196 b

KOI 0204 b

KOI 0428 b


OGLE-TR-10 b

OGLE-TR-111 b

OGLE-TR-113 b

OGLE-TR-132 b

OGLE-TR-182 b

OGLE-TR-211 b

OGLE-TR-56 b


Qatar-1 b

Qatar-2 b

TrES-1 b

TrES-2 b

TrES-3 b

TrES-4 b

TrES-5 b

WASP-1 b

WASP-10 b

WASP-100 b

WASP-101 b

WASP-103 b

WASP-104 b

WASP-106 b

WASP-108 b

WASP-109 b

WASP-110 b

WASP-111 b

WASP-112 b

WASP-117 b

WASP-12 b

WASP-13 b

WASP-14 b

WASP-15 b

WASP-16 b

WASP-17 b

WASP-18 b

WASP-19 b

WASP-2 b

WASP-20 b

WASP-21 b

WASP-22 b

WASP-23 b

WASP-24 b

WASP-25 b

WASP-26 b

WASP-28 b

WASP-29 b

WASP-3 b

WASP-31 b

WASP-32 b

WASP-33 b

WASP-34 b

WASP-35 b

WASP-36 b

WASP-37 b

WASP-38 b

WASP-39 b

WASP-4 b

WASP-41 b

WASP-42 b

WASP-43 b

WASP-44 b

WASP-45 b

WASP-46 b

WASP-47 b

WASP-48 b

WASP-49 b

WASP-5 b

WASP-50 b

WASP-52 b

WASP-54 b

WASP-55 b

WASP-56 b

WASP-57 b

WASP-58 b

WASP-59 b

WASP-6 b

WASP-60 b

WASP-61 b

WASP-62 b

WASP-63 b

WASP-64 b

WASP-65 b

WASP-66 b

WASP-67 b

WASP-68 b

WASP-69 b

WASP-7 b

WASP-70A b

WASP-71 b

WASP-72 b

WASP-73 b

WASP-74 b

WASP-75 b

WASP-76 b

WASP-77 b

WASP-78 b

WASP-79 b

WASP-8 b

WASP-80 b

WASP-82 b

WASP-83 b

WASP-84 b

WASP-87 b

WASP-88 b

WASP-89 b

WASP-90 b

WASP-95 b

WASP-96 b

WASP-97 b

WASP-98 b

WASP-99 b

XO-1 b

XO-2 b

XO-3 b

XO-4 b

XO-5 b





ETD - Exoplanet Transit Database

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COROT is spacecraft operated by international collaboration of CNES, ESA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Brazil and Spain. COROT stands for 'Convection, Rotation and planetary Transits'. To accomplish the scientific objectives COROT is monitoring about 120 000 stars with its 30-centimetre telescope. For more details about the COROT satellite, see

IMPORTANT NOTE: The list bellow contains 12 CoRoT candidates published by Cabrera, et al. (2009), Planetary transit candidates in CoRoT-LRc01 field. The list was prepared in cooperation with Dr. Jörg Weingrill, Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences (see more).

Six objects presented in the list are better known orbital and geometric parameters. Their observation can be submitted to ETD in common way (LRc01_E2_5801, LRc01_E2_3345, LRc01_E1_4780, LRc01_E2_4295, LRc01_E1_1632, LRc01_E2_4390). Observations of the rest of objects should be send to J. Weingrill.

Two candidates were catched only once in transit, so the period remains unknown (LRc01_E1_0715, LRc01_E2_0934). These two objects should be observed permanently, without any prediction.

CoRoT Transit predictions:

1LRc01_E1_0673b (Aql)19 25 36.9000 22 34.513.520.00106.002342454250.8702174.0
2LRc01_E1_0715b (Aql)19 26 48.06-00 06 49.8 13.650.0065???2454293.9028540.0
3LRc01_E1_1632b (Aql)19 28 37.9200 46 42.514.860.00152.1772562454237.774672.0
4LRc01_E1_1791b (Aql)19 26 32.2800 29 37.614.920.00200.5209592454237.049357.6
5LRc01_E1_2761b (Aql)19 28 44.04-00 10 03.8 15.180.043717.497312454246.1441186.0
6LRc01_E1_4780b (Aql)19 30 59.0900 29 06.4 16.050.009340.3682454240.323354.0
7LRc01_E2_0934b (Aql)19 25 07.3401 29 37.514.140.0245???2454322.2757516.0
8LRc01_E2_3345b (Aql)19 27 55.7701 38 06.615.770.005213.09952454264.9936216.0
9LRc01_E2_4241b (Aql)19 23 45.9201 14 18.615.940.00120.531082454236.8081138.0
10LRc01_E2_4295b (Aql)19 26 35.4602 05 53.616.450.00301.138282454245.615174.0
11LRc01_E2_4390b (Aql)19 24 29.5700 49 56.316.460.00332.938962454237.8604246.0
12LRc01_E2_5801b (Aql)19 25 13.0901 23

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