Known transiters:

55 Cnc e

55cancri e

AU Mic b

AU Mic c

CoRoT-1 b

CoRoT-10 b

CoRoT-11 b

CoRoT-12 b

CoRoT-13 b

CoRoT-17 b

CoRoT-18 b

CoRoT-19 b

CoRoT-2 b

CoRoT-20 b

CoRoT-3 b

CoRoT-31 b

CoRoT-35 b

CoRoT-36 b

CoRoT-4 b

CoRoT-5 b

CoRoT-6 b

CoRoT-8 b

CoRoT-9 b

DS Tuc A b

EPIC 211945201 b

EPIC 218916923 b

EPIC 228735255 b

EPIC-212110888 b

EPIC246851721 c

G 9-40 d

Gaia-1 b

Gaia-2 b

GJ 1214 b

GJ 3470 b

GJ 367 b

GJ 436 b

GJ 486 b

GPX-1 b

HAP-P-55 b

HAT-P-1 b

HAT-P-11 b

HAT-P-12 b

HAT-P-13 b

HAT-P-14 b

HAT-P-15 b

HAT-P-16 b

HAT-P-17 b

HAT-P-18 b

HAT-P-19 b

HAT-P-2 b

HAT-P-20 b

HAT-P-21 b

HAT-P-22 b

HAT-P-23 b

HAT-P-24 b

HAT-P-25 b

HAT-P-26 b

HAT-P-27 b

HAT-P-28 b

HAT-P-29 b

HAT-P-3 b

HAT-P-30 b

HAT-P-31 b

HAT-P-32 b

HAT-P-33 b

HAT-P-34 b

HAT-P-35 b

HAT-P-36 b

HAT-P-37 b

HAT-P-38 b

HAT-P-39 b

HAT-P-4 b

HAT-P-40 b

HAT-P-41 b

HAT-P-42 b

HAT-P-43 b

HAT-P-44 b

HAT-P-45 b

HAT-P-46 b

HAT-P-47 b

HAT-P-49 b

HAT-P-5 b

HAT-P-50 b

HAT-P-51 b

HAT-P-52 b

HAT-P-53 b

HAT-P-54 b

HAT-P-55 b

HAT-P-56 b

HAT-P-57 b

HAT-P-58 b

HAT-P-59 b

HAT-P-6 b

HAT-P-60 b

HAT-P-61 b

HAT-P-62 b

HAT-P-63 b

HAT-P-64 b

HAT-P-65 b

HAT-P-66 b

HAT-P-67 b

HAT-P-68 b

HAT-P-69 b

HAT-P-7 b

Hat-P-70 b

HAT-P-8 b

HAT-P-9 b

HATS-1 b

HATS-10 b

HATS-11 b

HATS-12 b

HATS-18 b

HATS-19 b

HATS-20 b

HATS-21 b

HATS-22 b

HATS-23 b

HATS-24 b

HATS-25 b

HATS-26 b

HATS-27 b

HATS-28 b

HATS-29 b

HATS-30 b

HATS-31 b

HATS-32 b

HATS-33 b

HATS-34 b

HATS-35 b

HATS-36 b

HATS-39 b

HATS-40 b

HATS-41 b

HATS-42 b

HATS-43 b

HATS-44 b

HATS-45 b

HATS-46 b

HATS-5 b

HATS-50 b

HATS-51 b

HATS-52 b

HATS-53 b

HATS-6 b

HATS-7 b

HATS-72 b

HATS-74 A b

HATS-75 b

HATS-76 b

HATS-77 b

HD 149026 b

HD 17156 b

HD 18599 b

HD 189733 b

HD 209458 b

HD80606 b

HD97658 b

K2-114 b

K2-115 b

K2-24 b

K2-24 c

K2-29 b

K2-295 b

K2-30 b

K2-34 b

KELT-1 b

KELT-10 b

KELT-11 b

KELT-15 b

KELT-16 b

KELT-17 b

KELT-20 b

KELT-21 b

KELT-24 b


KELT-3 b


KELT-6 b

KELT-7 b

KELT-8 b

KELT-9 b

Kepler-11 c

Kepler-11 d

Kepler-11 e

Kepler-11 f

Kepler-11 g

Kepler-117 b

Kepler-12 b

Kepler-14 b

Kepler-15 b

Kepler-16 b

Kepler-16B b

Kepler-17 b

Kepler-18 d

Kepler-18 c

Kepler-19 b

Kepler-20 f

Kepler-20 e

Kepler-20 d

Kepler-20 c

Kepler-20 b

Kepler-21 b

Kepler-289 c

Kepler-39 b

Kepler-4 b

Kepler-40/KOI 0428 b

Kepler-41 b

Kepler-412 b

Kepler-418 b

Kepler-422 b

Kepler-423 b

Kepler-425 b

Kepler-426 b

Kepler-427 b

Kepler-43 b

Kepler-433 b

Kepler-44 b

Kepler-448 b

Kepler-471 b

Kepler-485 b

Kepler-486 b

Kepler-487 b

Kepler-488 b

Kepler-489 b

Kepler-490 b

Kepler-491 b

Kepler-492 b

Kepler-493 b

Kepler-5 b

Kepler-51 b

Kepler-51 c

Kepler-51 d

Kepler-548 b

Kepler-553 c

Kepler-6 b

Kepler-7 b

Kepler-74 b

Kepler-77 b

Kepler-8 b

Kepler-9 b

Kepler-9 c

KOI 0005 b

KOI 0046 b

KOI 0063 b

KOI 0064 b

KOI 0141 b

KOI 0211 b

KOI 0212 b

KOI 0686 b

KOI 0924 b

KOI 1486 b

KOI 1546 b

KOI 1549 b

KOI-1257 b

KOI-13 b

KOI-217 b

KOI-94 b

KOI-984 b

KPS-1 b

L 168-9 b

LHS 3844 b

LP 890-9 b

LP 890-9 c

LTT 1779 b


Mascara-1 b

NGTS-20 b

NGTS-21 b

OGLE-TR-10 b

OGLE-TR-111 b

OGLE-TR-113 b

OGLE-TR-132 b

OGLE-TR-182 b

OGLE-TR-211 b

OGLE-TR-56 b


PH1 b

Qatar-1 b

Qatar-10 b

Qatar-2 b

Qatar-3 b

Qatar-4 b

Qatar-5 b

Qatar-8 b

Qatar-9 b

TIC 257060897 b

TIC 257060897 b

TOI 182.01 b

TOI 585.01 b

TOI 1012.01 b

TOI 1131.1 b

TOI 1168.01 b

TOI 1173.1 b

TOI 1179.01 b

TOI 1186.1 b

TOI 1194.01 b

TOI 1273.01 b

TOI 1295.1 b

TOI 1297.01 b

TOI 1302.1 b

TOI 1305.01 b

TOI 1311.1 b

TOI 1320.1 b

TOI 1355.01 b

TOI 1397.1 b

TOI 1417.01 b

TOI 1420.1 b

TOI 1425.01 b

TOI 1455.01 b

TOI 1460.01 b

TOI 1461.1 b

TOI 1480.01 b

TOI 1482.1 b

TOI 1498.1 b

TOI 1568.01 b

TOI 1582.1 b

TOI 1717.01 b

TOI 1775.1 b

TOI 1784.01 b

TOI 1822.1 b

TOI 1830.01 b

TOI 1831.01 b

TOI 1951.01 b

TOI 1976.01 b

TOI 2017.01 b

TOI 2025.1 b

TOI 2031.1 b

TOI 2040.1 b

TOI 2066.01 b

TOI 2147.1 b

TOI 2152.1 b

TOI 2154.1 b

TOI 2157.1 b

TOI 392.01 b

TOI 4398.01 b

TOI 4449.01 b

TOI 4463.01 b

TOI 4492.01 b

TOI 4496.01 b

TOI 4497.01 b

TOI 469.01 b

TOI 503.01 b

TOI 522.01 b

TOI 5379.01 b

TOI 627.01 b

TOI-1181 b

TOI-1227 b

TOI-1259 A b

TOI-1268 b

TOI-1272 b

TOI-1296 b

TOI-1298 b

TOI-1422 b

TOI-1431 b

TOI-1452 b

TOI-1468 b

TOI-1468 c

TOI-1516 b

TOI-1518 b

TOI-1670 c

TOI-1789 b

TOI-1820 b

TOI-1842 b

TOI-2109 b

TOI-2207 b

TOI-2236 b

TOI-2257 b

TOI-2285 b

TOI-2421 b

TOI-2567 b

TOI-2570 b

TOI-3331 A b

TOI-3362 b

TOI-3629 b

TOI-3693 b

TOI-3714 b

TOI-3757 b

TOI-3884 b

TOI-4137 b

TOI-4329 b

TOI-4479 b

TOI-5153 b

TOI-5174 b

TOI-5238 b

TOI-530 b

TOI-5398 b

TOI-5542 b

TOI-558 b

TOI-559 b

TOI-620 b

TOI-969 b

TrES-1 b

TrES-2 b

TrES-3 b

TrES-4 b

TrES-5 b

V1298 Tau b

WASP-1 b

WASP-10 b

WASP-100 b

WASP-101 b

WASP-102 b

WASP-103 b

WASP-104 b

WASP-105 b

WASP-106 b

WASP-107 b

WASP-108 b

WASP-109 b

WASP-11 b

WASP-110 b

WASP-111 b

WASP-112 b

WASP-113 b

WASP-114 b

WASP-117 b

WASP-118 b

WASP-119 b

WASP-12 b

WASP-120 b

WASP-121 b

WASP-122 b

WASP-123 b

WASP-124 b

WASP-126 b

WASP-127 b

WASP-129 b

WASP-13 b

WASP-130 b

WASP-131 b

WASP-132 b

WASP-133 b

WASP-134 b

WASP-136 b

WASP-137 b

WASP-138 b

WASP-139 b

WASP-14 b

WASP-140 b

WASP-141 b

WASP-142 b

WASP-143 b

WASP-146 b

Wasp-148 b

WASP-15 b

WASP-151 b

WASP-153 b

WASP-156 b

WASP-157 b

WASP-16 b

WASP-161 b

WASP-163 b

WASP-166 b

WASP-167 b

WASP-17 b

WASP-170 b

WASP-176 b

WASP-18 b

WASP-186 b

WASP-187 b

WASP-189 b

WASP-19 b

WASP-190 b

WASP-192 b

WASP-2 b

WASP-20 b

WASP-21 b

WASP-22 b

WASP-23 b

WASP-24 b

WASP-25 b

WASP-26 b

WASP-28 b

WASP-29 b

WASP-3 b

WASP-31 b

WASP-32 b

WASP-33 b

WASP-34 b

WASP-35 b

WASP-36 b

WASP-37 b

WASP-38 b

WASP-39 b

WASP-4 b

WASP-41 b

WASP-42 b

WASP-43 b

WASP-44 b

WASP-45 b

WASP-46 b

WASP-47 b

WASP-48 b

WASP-49 b

WASP-5 b

WASP-50 b

WASP-52 b

WASP-54 b

WASP-55 b

WASP-56 b

WASP-57 b

WASP-58 b

WASP-59 b

WASP-6 b

WASP-60 b

WASP-61 b

WASP-62 b

WASP-63 b

WASP-64 b

WASP-65 b

WASP-66 b

WASP-67 b

WASP-68 b

WASP-69 b

WASP-7 b

WASP-70A b

WASP-71 b

WASP-72 b

WASP-73 b

WASP-74 b

WASP-75 b

WASP-76 b

WASP-77 b

WASP-78 b

WASP-79 b

WASP-8 b

WASP-80 b

Wasp-81 b

WASP-82 b

WASP-83 b

WASP-84 b

WASP-85A b

WASP-86/Kelt-12 b

WASP-87 b

WASP-88 b

WASP-89 b

WASP-90 b

WASP-91 b

WASP-92 b

WASP-93 b

WASP-94A b

WASP-95 b

WASP-96 b

WASP-97 b

WASP-98 b

WASP-99 b

WD 1145+017 b

WTS-1 b

WTS-2 b

XO-1 b

XO-2 N b

XO-3 b

XO-4 b

XO-5 b

XO-6 b




Red if less than 1 week ago
1WASP-143 b Hya62019-022022-0215. Mar 2022  (257)

09 23 22.9602 55

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#HJD mid (2400000 +)EpochO-C (d)D (min)Depth (mmag)bandDQLCAuthor & REFERENCE changed *
+/- 0.0017
6670.0088182.2 +/- 6.130.2 +/- 2.1Clear3Miguel Angel Alava
* 2022-03-15
+/- 0.00611
6670.0053311.9 +/- 22.6152.1 +/- 24.8Clear3Albert Valenzuela Gonzalez
* 2022-02-14
+/- 0.00209
4770.0105200.9 +/- 6.831.3 +/- 3.4V3Valère Perroud
* 2020-05-25
+/- 0.00176
4770.0020171.2 +/- 6.116.9 +/- 0.7Clear3AnaŽl WŁnsche
* 2020-05-25
+/- 0.00088
3900.0053182.9 +/- 320 +/- 0.9Clear3Joe Garlitz
* 2019-04-10
+/- 0.00059
3820.0069177.6 +/- 1.920.9 +/- 0.6Clear2Yves Jongen
* 2019-04-10

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* Red if less than 1 week ago.



How to cite data from ETD in your scientific paper

All data available at this site were obtained from published literature or from open on-line sources (TRESCA, AXA) and can be used freely for scientific purposes.

If you find Exoplanet Transit Database useful for your work, please type the REFERENCE as follows:
Poddany S., Brat L., Pejcha O., New Astronomy 15 (2010), pp. 297-301,
Exoplanet Transit Database. Reduction and processing of the photometric data of exoplanet transits (arXiv:0909.2548v1)

While using data from Exoplanet Transit Database in your publication, please type the REFERENCE as follows:
- If transit observation was captured from published literature / paper, you can find reference in column "Author & REFERENCE", so the source paper should be cited in common way.
- If transit observation was published in some on-line source (AXA, TRESCA), ask observers for a permission and other useful comments about the data. We can supply you with e-mail contact to observer if necessary.