List of observed minimas

This list is NOT A PUBLICATION of observed minimas. It only shows activity of cooperating observers of eclipsing binaries.

B.R.N.O. times of minima are periodicaly published in Open Europen Journal on Variable stars and then data are displayed in O-C gateway.

Administrators of BRNO project:

Mgr. Kateřina Hoňková, Ing. Jakub Juryšek

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object HV UMa

  1. Hoňková K., Juryšek J., 15. 3. 2011
    V GCVS vedena jako RR Lyrae, nicméně dle některých zdrojů se nejspíše jedná o binární systém typu W UMa
  2. Robert Uhlař, 20. 1. 2011
    Petr Zasche : neni zakrytovka, ale system RR Lyrae,je to pulzujici hvezda - neco jako cefeida s kratkou periodou


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