List of observed minimas

This list is NOT A PUBLICATION of observed minimas. It only shows activity of cooperating observers of eclipsing binaries.

B.R.N.O. times of minima are periodicaly published in Open Europen Journal on Variable stars and then data are displayed in O-C gateway.

Administrators of BRNO project:

Mgr. Kateřina Hoňková, Ing. Jakub Juryšek

NEW Instruction for inserting minima to BRNO database

For non-Czech observers, written in English. Please, keep in mind this instruction. Instruction for BRNO protocols

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145ClearLadislav Šmelcer2012-03-222012-03-24
144RFrancesco Scaggiante2012-03-222012-03-24
143RFrancesco Scaggiante2012-03-212012-03-22
142IK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-03-162012-03-18
141VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-03-162012-03-18
140BK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-03-162012-03-18
139RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-03-162012-03-18
138RMartin Lehky2012-03-032012-03-13
137ClearLadislav Šmelcer2012-03-062012-03-07
136ClearMilada Moudrá2012-02-272012-02-28
135ClearMilada Moudrá2012-02-262012-02-28
134RFrancesco Scaggiante2012-02-152012-02-16
133RFrancesco Scaggiante2012-02-152012-02-16
132ClearLadislav Šmelcer2012-02-032012-02-06
131ILadislav Šmelcer2012-01-312012-02-02
130RLadislav Šmelcer2012-01-312012-02-02
129VLadislav Šmelcer2012-01-312012-02-02
128IK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-31
127RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-31
126VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-31
125BK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-31
124IK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-31
123RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-31
122VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-31
121BK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-31
120IK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-30
119RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-30
118VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-30
117BK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2012-01-302012-01-30
116VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-192011-12-19
115RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-192011-12-19
114VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-182011-12-19
113RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-182011-12-19
112VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-112011-12-11
111RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-112011-12-11
110IK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-112011-12-11
109VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-052011-12-06
108RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-052011-12-06
107IK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-12-052011-12-06
106RMartin Lehky2011-11-282011-12-01
105RFrancesco Scaggiante2011-11-132011-11-16
104RMartin Lehky2011-11-132011-11-15
103IK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-11-122011-11-12
102RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-11-122011-11-12
101VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-11-122011-11-12
100VRadek Kocián2011-11-042011-11-08
99RRadek Kocián2011-11-042011-11-08
98VK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-11-022011-11-02
97RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-11-022011-11-02
96RMartin Lehky2011-10-172011-10-30
95RHana Kučáková2011-10-162011-10-23
94RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-10-182011-10-18
93BK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-10-162011-10-17
92RK. Hoňková, J. Juryšek2011-10-162011-10-17
91ClearMilada Moudrá2011-10-042011-10-04
90ClearMilada Moudrá2011-10-032011-10-04
89ClearMilada Moudrá2011-09-012011-09-02
88RRadek Kocián2011-08-302011-09-01
87ILuboš Brát2011-08-302011-08-31
86RLuboš Brát2011-08-302011-08-31
85ClearPetr Sobotka, Míla Moudrá2011-08-222011-08-22
84ClearMilada Moudrá, Petr Sobotka2011-08-212011-08-21
83RHana Kučáková2011-08-172011-08-21
82RHana Kučáková2011-03-022011-05-26
81RHana Kučáková2011-03-022011-05-26
80RRadek Kocián2011-05-082011-05-20
79ClearJiří Polák2011-04-242011-04-26
78ClearJiří Polák2011-04-212011-04-25
77ClearMartin Zíbar2011-03-032011-04-22
76ClearMartin Zíbar2011-03-032011-04-22
75ClearMartin Zíbar2011-04-222011-04-22
74ClearMartin Zíbar2011-04-212011-04-22
73RMartin Lehky2011-02-252011-04-04
72RMartin Lehky2011-02-242011-04-04
71RRadek Kocián2011-03-302011-04-04
70RRadek Kocián2011-03-292011-04-04
69ClearJiří Polák2011-03-292011-03-31
68RRadek Kocián2011-03-242011-03-29
67RLadislav Šmelcer2011-03-202011-03-21
66VLadislav Šmelcer2011-03-202011-03-21
65VJakub Juryšek2011-03-212011-03-21
64ClearJiří Polák2011-03-092011-03-09
63ClearJiří Polák2011-03-082011-03-09
62RLadislav Šmelcer2011-03-032011-03-06
61VLadislav Šmelcer2011-03-032011-03-06
60ILadislav Šmelcer2011-03-012011-03-01
59RLadislav Šmelcer2011-03-012011-03-01
58VLadislav Šmelcer2011-03-012011-03-01
57RRadek Kocián2011-02-072011-02-10
56ILadislav Šmelcer2011-02-072011-02-08
55RLadislav Šmelcer2011-02-072011-02-08
54VLadislav Šmelcer2011-02-072011-02-08
53IMartin Lehky2010-10-302010-11-01
52IMartin Lehky2010-10-292010-11-01
51RMartin Lehky2010-10-302010-11-01
50RMartin Lehky2010-10-292010-11-01
49IMartin Lehky2010-10-302010-11-01
48IMartin Lehky2010-10-292010-11-01
47RMartin Lehky2010-10-302010-11-01
46RMartin Lehky2010-10-292010-11-01

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