Variable Star AMHer


AM Her = AN 1923.0028 

GCVS result

ID: 400066
Variable star: AM Her
RA 2000: 181613.3
DE 2000: +495204
RA 1950:
DE 1950:
Type of variability: AM/XRM+E
Max (mag): 12.3
Min (mag): 15.7
Photometric system: V
Epoch (JD): 43014.71266
Period (d): 0.128927
Year of outburst for N, SN:
M-m (or D):
Spectrum: pec+M4.5V
Study reference: 09257
Chart or phot. ref.: 09256
Cases of non-existence:

GCVS NOTE result

3U 1809 +50. Lx(soft)/Lopt ~15. Emissions of H and KCaII, H, HeI, HeII, etc. In the spectrum. Epoch of Min I in V light is given. The period shows complex variations. The phase of Min I in U light is 0.30p, in B 0.15P, in R 0.05P. Min I is probably due to an eclipse of a hot spot and the gas flow near the surface of the white dwarf by the white dwarf itself. The depth of Min I is up to 0.7m. Min II with the depth up to 0.4m (sometimes absent), Min II - Min I = 0.55P. Min II coincides in phase with the X-ray eclipse. "High and low states (b ~13.0m and B ~15.0m on average) in the high state there are variations with Delta(m) ~0.3m "on the time scale >= 200d 130d - 700d [09258] or less. During low states the depth of minima is small. Flickering up to 0.8mV in "several minutes or dozens of seconds on the time scale of ~10s not correlating with optical flickering. The magnetic field ~1*10**7 G at the equator, ~2*10**7 G on poles. Variable circular (from +3% to -9%) and linear (up to 7%) polarization. IR excess at lambda 10 mkm.

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NSV: Suspected Variable NSV  not found.

BRKA result

Variable star: AM Her
Brightness type: H14
Points: 10
RA 2000: 181613.7
DE 2000: +495156
Max (mag): 12.3
Min (mag): 15.7
Sec (mag):
Photometric system: V
Epoch (JD): 43014.71266
Period (d): 0.128927
D (hour):
d (hour):
Astrophysical note:
Reference: GCVSe2001
Finding chart: X

MEKA: Variable star AM Her not found.

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