Variable Star CQCep


CQ Cep = BD +56 2818 = HD 214419 = HV 11086 = SAO 034622 = WR 155 

GCVS result

ID: 200117
Variable star: CQ Cep
RA 2000: 223654.0
DE 2000: +565421
RA 1950:
DE 1950:
Type of variability: EB/DM/WR
Max (mag): 8.63
Min (mag): 9.12
Photometric system: V
Epoch (JD): 32456.668
Period (d): 1.641249
Year of outburst for N, SN:
M-m (or D):
Spectrum: WN5.5+O7
Study reference: 06489
Chart or phot. ref.: 08953
Cases of non-existence:

GCVS NOTE result

Shape of the light curve and depth of minima vary. According to [07401] on 1969 March 28/29 on the phase 0.56P a light decrease by 0.1m was observed and then a rapid flare by 0.35m U, 0.13m B, 0.14m V. P var. Nonlinear term: -10**(-9)*E**2.

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