Variable Star SXDra


SX Dra = AN 1909.0017 = AN 1909.0043 = BD +58 1785 = HD 238811 = SAO 030734 

GCVS result

ID: 340024
Variable star: SX Dra
RA 2000: 180433.9
DE 2000: +582354
RA 1950:
DE 1950:
Type of variability: EA/SD
Max (mag): 9.8
Min (mag): 11.6
Photometric system: V
Epoch (JD): 44705.459
Period (d): 5.16952
Year of outburst for N, SN:
M-m (or D): 14
Spectrum: A7V
Study reference: 00001
Chart or phot. ref.: 00537
Cases of non-existence:

GCVS NOTE result

d = 0.035P. Min II 10.0. P var. Min I = 2432273.276 + "5.1692d*E (JD2432000 - 38000)

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