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When choose one of the objects, the O-C diagram will appear. Then you can choose among the light-elements (or you can type your own elements); there you can also submit and plot your own observations (times of minima).

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- , And, Ant, Aps, Aql, Aqr, Ara, Ari, Aur, Boo, Cae, Cam, Cap, Car, Cas, Cen, Cep, Cet, Cha, Cir, CMa, CMi, Cnc, Col, Com, CrA, CrB, Crt, Cru, Crv, CVn, Cyg, Del, Dor, Dra, Equ, Eri, For, Gem, Gru, Her, Hor, Hya, Hyi, Ind, Lac, Leo, LMi, Lep, Lib, Lup, Lyn, Lyr, Men, Mic, Mon, Mus, Nor, Oct, Oph, Ori, Pav, Peg, Per, Phe, Pic, Psc, PsA, Pup, Pyx, Ret, Sco, Scl, Sct, Ser, Sex, Sge, Sgr, Tau, Tel, Tri, TrA, Tuc, UMa, UMi, Vel, Vir, Vol, Vul, LMC, SMC,

List of available objects:

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