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CzeV 257 UMi

Title: GSC 4638-934
Coordinates: RA: 15 56 52.223
DE: +85 28 12.44
Cross-identification: GSC 4638-934, UCAC4 878-004821
Type: EA
Max: 11.19
Min (prim): 11.83
Min (sec): 11.48
Band: V
Period: 7.226393 d
Epoch: 2455689.527551
M-m: 0.5
Year of discovery: 2011
Discoverer: Jiří Polák
Note: M0=2455689.529. P=18.07 (jen přes 2 minima). www New elements 7.3.2019 by Walter F. on ASAS-SN data: P=7.226049, T0=2456744.539881. New elements 9.5.2020 by Walter F. based on ASAS-SN and B.R.N.O. observations: p=7.226393, T0=2455689.527551

Chart 15x15' from Digitized Sky Survey in STScI archive.


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