Database of known eclipsing binaries (according to O-C gateway)

In the list bellow, there are all known eclipsing binaries, their coordinates, elements and neglection rating in last 10 years.

All data were passed from O-C gateway maintained by Anton Paschke.

And, Ant, Aps, Aql, Aqr, Ara, Ari, Aur, Boo, Cae, Cam, Cap, Car, Cas, Cen, Cep, Cet, Cir, CMa, CMi, Cnc, Col, Com, CrA, CrB, Crt, Cru, Crv, CVn, Cyg, Del, Dor, Dra, Equ, Eri, For, Gem, Gru, Her, Hor, Hya, Hyi, Cha, Ind, Lac, Leo, LMi, Lep, Lib, Lup, Lyn, Lyr, Men, Mic, Mon, Mus, Nor, Oct, Oph, Ori, Pav, Peg, Per, Phe, Pic, Psc, PsA, Pup, Pyx, Ret, Sco, Scl, Sct, Ser, Sex, Sge, Sgr, Tau, Tel, Tri, TrA, Tuc, UMa, UMi, Vel, Vir, Vol, Vul,

Star - object designation, 2nd column - primary / secondary minimum, 3rd column - "neglection rating" in last 10 years, N10 - number of data in last 10 years, N - all data amount, both CCD, visual and photographic has the same weight of 1 point, PERIOD - orbtial period in days, MIN0 - basic minimum, RA 2000 - right acscension, DE 2000 - declination, MAX - brightness in maximum (mag), MINP - brightness in primary minimum, MINS - brightness in secondary minimum, spectral band, in which max, minp and mins are given.

For each object, all known observations were counted (in O-C gateway) in last 10 years. 1 CCD minimum got value 1, 1 visual / pg minimum got value 0,1.
For example 1 CCD minimum + 1 visual minimum => N10 = 1.1
Such N10 value, it was substracted 10 - N10 and rounded to integer. The result is neclection rating.