User-defined objects (variable stars)

This list contains objects, especially eclipsing binaries, added to the database by observers - registered web users - themselves. There is an option for each object which switch on / off this object in list of predicted minimas.

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#objekt typPER (d)MAG autoronedit

109FM CmaEA2.78942787.3-7.5 Martin Mašek1 
108FV ScoEA5.7278588.0-8.8 Martin Mašek1 
107A PupEA1.174132310.5-10.8 Martin Mašek0 
106B PupEA0.94730810.5-10.8 Martin Mašek0 
105V0377 CenEA16.502788.87-9.38 Martin Mašek1 
104SU CenEA5.3544399.1-10.2 Martin Mašek1 
103V1647_ SgrEA3.2827997.0-7.6 Martin Mašek0 
102V0760 ScoEA1.7309337.4-7.8 Martin Mašek0 
101V0526 SgrEA1.91941119.7-10.3 Martin Mašek0 
100V1971 AqlEA5.68712.9-13.4 Martin Mašek0 
99GL CarEA2.4222859.64-10.18 Martin Mašek0 
98AO VelEA1.5846389.3-9.7 Martin Mašek1 
97SvkV098 AurEW0.430982812.11-12.39 Medulka T.1 
96CzeV1574 GemEW0.23679316.32-16.66 Henzl Z.1 
95CzeV1575 GemEB0.57051912.74-12.88 Henzl Z.1 
94WISE J060111.3+203043 OriEW0.355304212.88-13.33 Henzl Z.0 
93VSX J060006.2+205221 OriEA1.46110413.35-14.1 Henzl Z.1 
92CzeV1502 CasEB0.45282713.63-13.79 Henzl Z.1 
91CzeV1503 CasEW0.75767214.5-14.62 Henzl Z.1 
90CzeV1559 GemEW0.355966114.3-14.62 Henzl Z.1 
89CzeV1560 CmaEW0.216587811.56-11.71 Henzl Z.1 
88CzeV1561 CmaEB0.46437513.93-14.5 Henzl Z.1 
87CzeV1562 CmaEW0.498567114.25-14.43 Henzl Z.1 
86CzeV1563 CmaEB0.36658613.86-13.99 Henzl Z.1 
85CzeV1570 OriEW0.34505312.99-13.12 Henzl Z.1 
84CzeV1565 OriEB0.55046713.65-14.04 Henzl Z.1 
83CzeV1566 OriEW0.34807514.77-15.28 Henzl Z.1 
82CzeV1567 OriEB0.58577514.97-15.59 Henzl Z.1 
81CzeV1568 OriEB0.92461113.7-13.82 Henzl Z.1 
80V0743 CepEA4.67240310.40-10.71 Martin Mašek0 
79V0538 PegEA0.88862812.54-12.64 Radek Dřevěný1 
78KIC 9832227 CygEW0.457948512.27-12.46 Expediční CCD skupina1 
77V0428 CepEB8.220778.288-8.62 Radek Dřevěný1 
76CzeV 1249 CamEB1.36357412.97-13.38 Radek Dřevěný1 
75V0413 AndEA50.1196.63-7.03 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
74CzeV1322 LupEA17.5311.87-12.21 Martin Mašek1 
73NZ VirEA1.65033910.95-11.10 Martin Mašek1 
72SvkV152 CasEA3.242212.95-13.58 Medulka T.1 
71CzeV622 PerEA2.89436513.2-13.85 Martin Mašek1 
70CzeV688 PerEA3.4677513.3-13.6 Martin Mašek1 
69CzeV701 PerEA25.62910.97-11.18 Martin Mašek1 
68CzeV1183 VelEA2.58144512.15-12.65 Martin Mašek1 
67CzeV866 CarEA6.101659.53-9.64 Martin Mašek1 
66TYC 5112-252-1 SerEA+UV Cet1.9538910.4-10.6 Martin Mašek1 
65GSC 09498-00800 OctEA9.4810812.4-13.2 Martin Mašek1 
64V2618 CygEA47.61510.56-11.1 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
63SvkV67 CepEW0.335213.66-14.26 Medulka T.1 
62RW CrAEA1.68360059.3-10.3 Martin Mašek1 
61CzeV838 MonEA3.53360312.81-13.20 Martin Mašek1 
60TYC 3807-759-2 (J093010B) UMaEW0.22771359.5-9.7 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
59TYC 3807-759-1 (J093010A) UMaEA1.3055029.45-9.77 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
58CzeV714 CepEA3.7946410.57-10.77 Martin Mašek1 
57CzeV626 AqlEA1.65104213.2-13.5 Martin Mašek1 
56CzeV623 AndEW0.46639512,33-12,48 Walter F.1 
55V1647 SgrEA3.282796,94-7,57 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
54V 906 ScoEA2.785955.96-6.23 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
53V631 AqlEA3.468513.5-14.9 Martin Mašek1 
52NN DelEA99.26848.40-8.95 Martin Mašek1 
51CzeV266 AndEA1.007714.9-15.3 Martin Mašek1 
50bet PerEA2.86730432.12-3.39 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
49WZ CrvEA1.78878812.76-14.70 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.0 
48PT VelEA1.80200757.05-7.60 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.0 
47AS VelEA1.557888748.3-8.92 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
46V 346 CenEA6.322128.48-8.9 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.0 
45KR MonEA1.15096111.28-11.7 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.0 
44GM NorEA1.8845810.58-11.03 Martin Mašek1 
43SvkV 39 LacE1.44685611.4-11.4 Vrašťák M1 
42CzeV468 OphEA4.05029.48-9.93 Martin Mašek1 
41V 358 PupEA6.79392569.3-9.5 Martin Mašek0 
40V949 CenEA3.786979.15-9.52 Martin Mašek0 
39RU MonEA3.58465310.5-11.3 Martin Mašek0 
38AU MonEA11.11303748.18-9.02 Martin Mašek1 
37CzeV388 OphEW0.39764613.68-13.97 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.0 
36V 760 ScoEA1.73092957.05-7.45 Martin Mašek1 
35AQ TucEW0.59484219.9-10.5 Martin Mašek1 
34DT CamEA7.066258.166-8.228 Luboš Brát1 
33DV CamEA6.67846.1-6.3 Luboš Brát1 
32CzeV268 PerEW0.3881814.4-15.3 Milada Moudrá1 
31SvkV 20 AndEA1.185411.5-11.8 Vrašťák M1 
30CzeV343B AurEA0.80693113.47-13.59 Pavel Cagaš1 
29CzeV343A AurEA1.20937313.47-13.72 Pavel Cagaš1 
28DX VelEA1.11729610.2-11.0 Martin Mašek0 
27V646 CenEA2.246573229.0-11.7 Martin Mašek0 
26HS HyaE1.5680418.07-8.15 Hana Kučáková0 
25CzeV370 LeoEA5.0800910.63-10.95 Martin Mašek1 
24V441 CepEA1.6486933 8.74- 9.22 Francesco Scaggiante, Danilo Zardin,Marco Fiaschi0 
23V1123 CasEA4.50210.91-10.20 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
22CzeV132 LacEW0.3365815.6-16.3 Trnka J.1 
21CzeV177 GemEW0.35985712.8-13.1 Trnka J.1 
20CzeV265 AndEW0.364715.9-16.4 Trnka J.1 
19CzeV267 AndEW0.295415.8-16.5 Trnka J.1 
18CzeV134 CasRRc0.41979411.45-11.63 Radek Kocián1 
17HD 213597 AqrEA2.42387.790-7.815 Martin Mašek1 
16CzeV261 CygEW0.33559513.28-13.64 Hoňková K., Juryšek J.1 
15SS CamEB4.8236510.05-10.62 Radek Kocián1 
14CzeV208 CamEB0.4112512.2-11.9 Radek Kocián1 
13CzeV323 CygEW0.42914512.5-12.8 Martin Mašek1 
12CzeV271 AurEA0.8871214.9-16.1 Václav Přibík1 
11Delta OriEA5.7324772.2-2.3 Martin Mašek1 
10CzeV245 VirRRab0.51332813.7-14.4 Martin Mašek0 
9V1094 CasEB0.514290912.19-12.66 Radek Kocián1 
8SvkV23 LacEW0.349982312.25-12.60 Martin Mašek1 
7V 994B HerEA1.4200336.93-7.03 Luboš Brát1 
6V 994A HerEA2.0832646.93-7.15 Luboš Brát1 
5CzeV270 CygEA1.8779210.6-10.9 Martin Mašek1 
4SvkV30 PerEW0.97917612.3-12.6 Vrašťák M1 
3CzeV252 UMiEW0.2951814.9-15.2 Luboš Brát1 
2Kepler-16 CygEA41.07758811.70-11.83 Luboš Brát1 
1LSPM J1112+7626 DraEA41.0323612.14-12.55 Luboš Brát1 
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