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Variable Star and Exoplanet Section of Czech Astronomical Society was found in 1924 (as Variable Star Section of CAS). Since the time, it's an organisation coordinating research and observing of variable stars (and exoplanets in last years) in Czech republic (member of EU). Members of our Section are mostly advanced amateur and professional astronomers.

Main observing and research activities are collected in 4 projects:

  • Project B.R.N.O. - observing and research of eclipsing binaries
  • Project MEDUZA - observing and research of intrinsic variables (mostly pulsating stars)
  • Project TRESCA - observing transits of known exoplanetary systems, searching for new exoplanets in known transiting systems and searching for new transiting exoplanetary systems.
  • Project HERO - observing and research of high energy sources in cooperation with High-energy research group from Ondrejov (cataclysmic variables, quasars, blazars, x-rays, gamma-rays).

President of the Section: Katerina Honkova, MSc., e-mail: katerina.honkova@astronomie.cz
Address: Variable Star and Exoplanet Section of the Czech Astronomical Society, Videnska 1056, 14200 Praha-Krc, Czech Republic

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Currently operating observers:
Observers on-line chat

Magpie observatory (FTP)
(Martin Bartošík)

STATUS: Active20:00 - 06:00

PROGRAM: V 709 Cas, main program - CV and transits of exoplanets

Observatorio Astronómico Giordano Bruno
(Fco- Manuel Santos Álamo)

STATUS: Active20:38 - 04:38

PROGRAM: De 20:00 a 02:30

Osservatorio Astronomico Citta di Seveso
(Pietro Aceti)

STATUS: Active12:30 - 10:45


(Giuseppe Conzo)

STATUS: Active10:47 - 18:47