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19. 4. 2019:
Exoplanet observer, Alberto Caballero, offer us the involving to his project called 'The Habitable Exoplanet Hunting Project' to enable amateurs to discover more potentially habitable exoplanets, specifically around non-flare G-like stars, K-type stars and red dwarfs, within 100 ly. The stars selected would have known transiting exoplanets outside the habitable zone or non-rocky exoplanets inside.

Alberto chose 9 stars and his idea is to create a group of amateur exoplanet hunters belonging to organizations such as our the TRESCA community.

Overall, the monitoring of a specific star or stars at a specific time every week would be assigned to each of the astronomers or observatories, covering the target or targets 24/7.

For more information, you can see attached file.

Contact to author:
The Habilitable Exoplanet Hunting Project (Alberto Caballero)

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