19. 4. 2019:
Exoplanet observer, Alberto Caballero, offer us the involving to his project called 'The Habitable Exoplanet Hunting Project' to enable amateurs to discover more potentially habitable exoplanets, specifically around non-flare G-like stars, K-type stars and red dwarfs, within 100 ly. The stars selected would have known transiting exoplanets outside the habitable zone or non-rocky exoplanets inside.

Alberto chose 9 stars and his idea is to create a group of amateur exoplanet hunters belonging to organizations such as our the TRESCA community.

Overall, the monitoring of a specific star or stars at a specific time every week would be assigned to each of the astronomers or observatories, covering the target or targets 24/7.

For more information, you can see attached file.

Contact to author: caballerodiez91@gmail.com
The Habilitable Exoplanet Hunting Project (Alberto Caballero)

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More than 50 exoplanets has an orbit oriented in space in direction to the Earth and we can see dark planet body transiting in front of stellar disc. During this transits, observed brightness of the parent star decreases of about 0.003 - 0.04 mag.

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