Observing Projects

The main variable star section's activity consists at a organisation of common observing programs and research under four projects:

B.R.N.O. Project - observing and research of eclipsing binaries

MEDUZA Project - observing and research of intrinsic variables (mostly pulsating stars)

TRESCA Project - bserving transits of known exoplanetary systems, searching for new exoplanets in known transiting systems and searching for new transiting exoplanetary systems

HERO Project - observing and research of high energy sources in cooperation with High-energy research group from Ondrejov (cataclysmic variables, quasars, blazars, x-rays, gamma-rays)

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Observatorio Astronómico Giordano Bruno
(Fco- Manuel Santos Álamo)

STATUS: Active20:38 - 04:38

PROGRAM: De 20:00 a 02:30