MEDUZA Project - Intrinsic Variables

Welcome to official website of the MEDUZA project!

MEDUZA project coordinates observing of intrinsic variables in Variable Star and Exoplanet Section of CAS.

Observed variables are mostly selected (neglected) long period - red - pulsating variables, symbiotic stars, cataclysmic variables, novae, supernovae and more. Exact observing program of MEDUZA project consists about one hundred of stars, which aren't usually observed by foreign observers and robotic surveys.

Besides this, MEDUZA collects observations of all intrinsic variables made by Czech and other cooperating variable star observers.

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Currently operating observers:
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Magpie observatory (FTP)
(Martin Bartošík)

STATUS: Active20:00 - 06:00

PROGRAM: V 709 Cas, main program - CV and transits of exoplanets

Observatorio Astronómico Giordano Bruno
(Fco- Manuel Santos Álamo)

STATUS: Active20:38 - 04:38

PROGRAM: De 20:00 a 02:30

Osservatorio Astronomico Citta di Seveso
(Pietro Aceti)

STATUS: Active12:30 - 10:45


(Giuseppe Conzo)

STATUS: Active10:47 - 18:47