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21. 12. 2018:
A new version of Python 3 program 'Predpovedi' is now available HERE.

The program compute observability and minima predictions for user defined objects, observatory and horizont. If user is interested in predictions for one night, a nice graphic output is also displayed, which strongly helps with plannig of observation. Minima predictions and observability for given object can be also computed for given time period, which allows to plan observations in advance. A lot of useful information like Moon phase, distance from the Moon, orbital phase of the object, start and end of the observation with repect to local horizon and time of meridian flip is displayed in output table, so that the only thing which observer has to care about is current weather.

The program can be easily installed and run on Windows or Linux OS (running on MAC should be also without problems, but it hasn't been tested) and one can find installation instructions under the link above.

The author of the program (Jakub Jurysek, strongly encourage anyone who would need some help with installation or running the program, to contact him by email.

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