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Exoplanet: WASP-18 b
Post address:
Geographic location: east longitude: 290° | north latitude: -23°
Photometric filter: Clear
Notes / conditions:
Data taken by Nancy Barraza, Farid Char and Juan Pablo Colque. Data reduction carried out by Eduardo Unda-Sanzana. We took images in groups of 10 exposures of 15 s each (dead time ~15 s too). Then we added the images using Starlink producing one combined image for every 10 exposures. Finally we carried out differential photometry on the combined images using two constant stars nearby. Transit length 128 minutes adopted to findout midtransit time.
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Mid transit JDmid:
Mid transit HJDmid: (helcor = 0.00028)
Mid transit - UTC:
Transit depth: mag
Submitted data: geocentric based on UTC
Identification chart:
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Rp: 1.106 +/- 0.065 RJup 1.395 -0.492+0.356 RJup
R*: 1.216 +/- 0.06 RSun fixed, errors included in i
A: 0.02026 +/- 0.00068 AU fixed, errors included in i
Per: 0.94145299 days fixed
i : 86 +/- 2.5 ° 83.72 -1.27|4.38+2.29|6.28 °



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