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Welcome to TRESCA web page about transiting exoplanets and its observation.

TRESCA is an acronym from words TRansiting ExoplanetS and CAndidates.



More than 50 exoplanets has an orbit oriented in space in direction to the Earth and we can see dark planet body transiting in front of stellar disc. During this transits, observed brightness of the parent star decreases of about 0.003 - 0.04 mag.

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Deep Sky Chile
(Chantal Hemmann)

STATUS: Active23:59 - 07:59


Magpie observatory (FTP)
(Martin Bartošík)

STATUS: Active20:00 - 06:00

PROGRAM: V 709 Cas, main program - CV and transits of exoplanets

Observatorio Astronómico Giordano Bruno
(Fco- Manuel Santos Álamo)

STATUS: Active20:38 - 04:38

PROGRAM: De 20:00 a 02:30

Osservatorio Astronomico Citta di Seveso
(Pietro Aceti)

STATUS: Active12:30 - 10:45


(Giuseppe Conzo)

STATUS: Active10:47 - 18:47