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Exoplanet: WASP-33 b
Post address:
Geographic location: east longitude: | north latitude: 43°
Photometric filter: Clear
Notes / conditions:
Pose 10s unfiltered APN test, very sensible Moon and mag limit 18.6
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Transit duration: minut
Transit depth: mag
Submitted data: geocentric based on UTC
Identification chart:
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Rp: 1.497 +/- 0.045 RJup 2.225 -0.154+0.143 RJup
R*: 1.444 +/- 0.034 RSun fixed, errors included in i
A: 0.02555 +/- 0.00017 AU fixed, errors included in i
Per: 1.2198669 days fixed
i : 87.67 +/- 1.81 ° 81.13 -0.89|1.74+1.02|2.13 °



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object WASP-33 b

  1. Giuseppe Marino, 30. 10. 2013
    The parent star is a pulsating: Herrero et al., A&A 526, 10 (2011)


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  1. Luboš Brát, 28. 11. 2010 (www)
    Smooth brightening in the middle of the transit is real. It is clearly visible in light curves made for all comparison stars in the field. A star-spot?


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